I believe in self-worth. Through photography, I capture the details that reveal inner beauty, radiate confidence and show how you want to be remembered. Over the past seven years, I've refined a portrait experience that rivals a magazine photoshoot by scouting out beautiful locations and partnering with hair and makeup artists as well as fashion stylists to create a flawless overall look. My team and I live to make this an experience for you to remember; one where you don’t have to worry about whether your hair is cooperating, if you did your makeup the right way for the camera or even what to wear. You show up relaxed, get pampered and reveal a confidence that will show up in every image.

My Final Image

As a Mom, I believe that we owe it to our children to constantly remind them that they are beautiful and worthy of being loved for exactly who they are. As a photographer is is my personal goal to make sure that they see…what we see. I believe in making life happen, not letting it happen to you. Set your goals. Choose your path and go after what you want with reckless abandon.

The photo up above was taken by photographer friend and colleague Kara Zollos of Studio Z in Avon, OH on a recent trip to Austin, TX for a model shoot. My newest little love on my back while photographing. It’s one of my favorite photos of me. I really, really wanted to make this trip and my options were: take the baby or don’t go. As you can see from the photo, it wasn’t a hard decision. You just make it happen!

Banner image above taken by Kara Zollos on location at Chateau Bellevue, Austin, TX.