Chrissy Speliakos



"My favorite part of the day was [photographing] in the fields with my friend Kyra. Having someone there with me made things so much more fun and relaxing, especially when we took pictures together. I would definitely take my pictures with Jen. You will have the best experience ever! The pictures are amazing and her positive attitude makes you feel so comfortable which makes the day so much better!"

- Chrissy

What was your senior experience like?

A Best Friend Session with my friend Kyra and my brother Paul. We went to the field, to our high school track and to Hopkinton State Park. 

What do you like to do when you are not in class? Play a sport? Chess team? Choir? Volunteer? What do you LOVE to do?

I love to run track, and hope to continue it in college.

Who inspires you most and Why?

My grandmother. She is fighting Alzheimer's and has been for over 10 years, yet she has never had a negative outlook on life.

If you could sit down and share a meal with anyone (deceased or alive, famous or not) who would it be and why?

Kerri Strug, she was an olympic gymnast who broke her ankle during an event at the olympics. I would love to hear her story and how she felt that day. 

Tell me about an experience that has shaped your life and how it has changed you.

When I was in middle school I broke my back doing gymnastics and later broke it again in track my freshman year. The doctor told me I should quit sports for good, just in case. Instead this setback made me stronger, and I am now talking to division 1 coaches for the one thing I have always fought for. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, or even spend a month living in another country, where would it be and why?

I would travel to Greece to spend time with my family that a I have only seen once or twice. 

What advice would you give to incoming Freshman asking you about high school?

I would tell them to not let schools work alter their experience. I would want them to create a schedule that manages their work load, but gives them enough time to experience everything great high school has to offer.


Makeup by Claudia Frustaci

Hair by Kelly O'Grady