in short…EVERYTHING.

 “[We] are pretty close. I will miss our long talks and our laughs. She loves to snap pictures or videos of me not knowing, sometimes with a funny filter....definitely going to miss our laughs when she shows me those pictures/videos.”

When I started photographing high school seniors eight years ago, this new passion for life’s possibilities kinda started to spark. Not just because it was a new business, but because the “kids” that I was photographing were at a time in their life that I remember myself so vividly. I realize not everyone has the same high school experience, but even with the ups and downs, I enjoyed mine.

High School Seniors…The world is their oyster and they have so much to look forward to. Not that they all see it that way. Some can’t wait to graduate, others not so sure they’re ready. Either way it’s bittersweet; getting ready to leave behind life as they’ve known it.

At the same time, each parent was going through their own experience. It didn’t matter whether it was their first child or their fourth, it would be exciting and sad to know that this time in their life as a parent would also be going through a huge change.

In these years I have always told my senior families that one of the reasons that I am the best choice to photograph their senior is because I understand both sides of their family story: I love learning about the senior’s story and I find passion in their passion for life at this moment, but I also feel and empathize with what Mom and Dad are going through. I can always just feel the excitement, sadness and fear of the end of a chapter.

The still occasional snuggle, the ‘princess attitude’ (even if it drives me nuts) and her overall carefree personality.”

With each year that has passed, I’ve felt it more and more. And now, I’m in it. My oldest son is a teenager, so I have always felt “in the trenches” with my clients. When my seniors would talk about what’s going on in school, I knew because I heard the news from my son. When the parents would talk about how fast time flies, I knew because each year has flown by faster and faster for me too as a mom.

Now, I’m here. I’m in it. Planning my son’s senior high school portrait experience and getting ready for his last year of high school.

I’ve been thinking about the questions I ask on my senior parent questionnaire, things like, “ what will you miss most when they’re away at college?” and now, I’m answering it for myself. We haven’t even officially wrapped up Junior year yet and I have that bittersweet feeling that I’ve watched so many go through.

Class of 2020 parents, if you haven’t figured it out already, I will be asking you this question, so be ready.

I will absolutely miss the way C tells me his plan for each day, right down to what he’s eating and when he will cook it. I kind of feel like a human notepad, the kind you write your to-do list on. I think it’s partly because he knows I like to know what’s going on so I don’t worry, but also just verbally planning his day - affirmatively to make it happen. I will miss that daily chat so much. That and a kiss on the cheek goodnight. He’s a good one.😊❤️

For me, Senior Portraits are there to remind us of all the little things our memory is certain to forget.