It's like the light after the end of winters dark tunnel: the shimmery pastels; shiny sequins; chiffon for miles...Prom season. I remember it clearly myself shopping for the perfect dress that no one else had, getting out of school early to get your makeup and hair done, seeing your date in a tux... It's all kind of magical and I loved it. There aren't as many opportunities after high school to get dressed up quite that fancily. (I personally decided to prolong it a big by joining a sorority and therefore having the opportunity to get dressed up for formals!) 

This year, I stopped in to photograph the pre-prom crazies of the senior guys and girls that represented my business. They looked simply gorgeous. There should have been a red carpet because it's like the paparazzi out there. All kinds of friends and parents taking pictures. I don't go too crazy, but just like to jump in on the fun from a different perspective.

To see the pre-prom extravaganza from my lens, download the gallery app here to see it on your mobile device. 

And for a little #flashbackfriday here's what prom pictures looked like in the 90's!