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Three DO’s and Three DON'T's

Three DO’s and Three DON'T's


DON’T...BE LIKE A LOBSTER. Don’t try getting that last bit of tan in the day before your session. Sunburn happens and it does not feel good or look good in forever Portraits.

DON’T...BE WRINKLY. Don’t bring a bag of clothes because you came straight from last minute shopping at the mall. Planning is VERY important to ensure that your outfits match the color and style of your location. And...wrinkles, no, no, no!! Just say no to wrinkles.

DON’T...NOTICE OTHERS. People are curious. They will stare. Let them. If people ask me what we’re shooting for, I always answer, “a magazine editorial!” because that’s exactly what we’re doing and that is how I want you to feel, rocking your CONFIDENT SELF!


DO...SPEAK UP! Make sure to talk with your photographer before your session about any ideas that you may have AND what you plan to wear. Again, I can’t stress enough about how the color and style of what you plan to wear can make a good photo great, or a potentially great photo, blah.

DO...SNOOZE. Go to bed early the night before your session. Grumpy does not look good in photos. Neither does the matching baggage you’ll get under your eyes.

DO...ARRIVE EARLY to your session - about 15 minutes early. Take that time to review the location and your outfits with your photographer as well as reviewing what you hope to achieve out of the shoot.

Have you booked your senior portraits yet?

I can guarantee that you will love your photos FOREVER! That’s my specialty.❤️