“How will professional styling services enhance my senior portrait experience?”

This is the year you have been waiting for and you want every moment to be memorable. You’ve found your dream photographer :) and started thinking about your epic senior photoshoot. There are so many things to think about: "what am I going to wear?", "where should we go?", "how hot or cold will it be outside?". We will go over all of these things.

Having your hair and makeup done for you not only makes you feel extra pampered, but also gives you one less thing to worry about. In my experience over the past few years, hair and makeup application has shown to be as important as the photoshoot itself. After all, you are a supermodel for the day.

Check out the video to see three different looks that our team created for a fall photoshoot. Everything from soft and natural, to a bolder look with metallic eye shadow and a punchy lip, and then a high-powered fun look complete with rhinestone eyes. Anything is possible.

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Nadia // NIPMUC Regional HS