Also known as the "product on white background" with delivery in 7 days or less. Rush service may also be available. Jewelry and reflective products take more time to photograph and edit due to their detailed nature. They are highly specular and require extra care and patience to stage and prop. Using detailed techniques such as focus stacking, I will best showcase your products. 

Ciao Bella Rose by Claudia Frustaci

1-4 photos | $45 per photo (minimum order of 2 photos)

5 or more photos | $42 per photo

10 or more photos | $37 per photo

20 or more photos | $34 per photo

50 or more photos | $31 per photo

100 or more photos | $28 per photo



All product photography projects

You will want to think about how many angles you would like to have each product photographed at as each angle will be a different photo. You may choose front view, side view, back view, top view (looking straight down), detail view or functional view. It is best to have a minimum of two images to properly allow your viewer to see your product.

Ciao Bella Rose by Claudia Frustaci
Ciao Bella Rose by Claudia Frustaci
Ciao Bella Rose by Claudia Frustaci

Included with Product Photography

PurseAmie_Screent Shot.png
  • High Resolution print and web files: (1) high-resolution JPEG file for print, (1) high-resolution TIFF file for print and (1) low-resolution JPEG sized for web/screen use.

  • Basic product preparation: I want your product to look amazing! I encourage you to supply me with the best looking product that you have available. I will remove light dust, lint, smudges and fingerprints prior to shooting your product.

  • Clean white background

  • Editing of dust and minor flaws. Edits will be made to color and brightness to ensure they look their best. Noticeable dust and scratches will be removed. Excessive retouching to correct flaws, heavy dirt, discoloration or major scratches usually require additional artwork time and will be billed separately.

  • Online image downloads.

  • Unlimited use license: Image delivery includes a license to your company to use them royalty-free. You may use them as many times as you would like for any different advertising medium (print, web, packaging, etc) I do retain copyright to the images; photographs may not be re-sold to any third party without prior written permission from me.

Extras with Product Photography

  • If your product is larger than 2 feet on the longest side, it is considered oversized and will need to be quoted separately due to extra set up and preparation.

  • $7 | Clipping path (Invisible background) I can create an additional image with a clipping path (background removed). This will allow you to place your product image on any color/type of background or create a group photo with similar products.

  • Product grouping:

    • 2-5 products together | +$10 per photo

    • 6-10 products together | +$20 per photo

    • 11+ products together | please inquire

Ciao Bella Rose by Claudia Frustaci