I have the best clients ever put on this earth. Just sayin'.



"Jenn made the overall experience amazing and stress-free! She came all the way to my favorite place, Long Island, Maine to make my day memorable and special. I had a blast showing her around the island and she photographed me wherever I wanted and made the day all about me! I highly recommend any senior getting their seniors pictures done with Jenn because she is an extremely talented photographer and she makes the shoot so much fun!"



"I had a lot of fun traveling to Boston and Jennifer made my session so much fun! Fay was amazing and knew exactly how to perfect my outfits to represent me. Kelly did an amazing job with my hair and Claudia made my face flawless and was so nice! "



"My photo session couldn't have gone any better. Everything was so relaxed and easy going I wouldn't change a thing.I had no fears going into my session because I knew Jennifer knew what she was doing so I didn't worry at all about how they would come out.My piece of advice is to go into your session with an open mind and to just have fun!Fay was amazing! She just put everything together so well which helped me a lot because I'm not the most fashion forward person. If an opportunity comes by I would do it again without a doubt!My makeup experience was perfect, I wouldn't change a thing! I actually am planning on booking her to do my makeup for prom!"



"I highly recommend working with Jenn. She made me feel super comfortable and everything was fun and easy! She has an amazing talent and you will love your pictures - She makes you feel very comfortable in your own skin. Kelly was great at my session. She is super cool and casual but she still makes your hair look amazing as well as making yourself feel good. Claudia is so funny and her talent with makeup is insane. She enhances your features so you still feel like you and not you trying to be somebody you are not. Fay was amazing to work with because she has such an eye for fashion that nobody else does. She is such a cool person and everyone should work with her!!"



"It [my senior experience] was so fun and made me feel so special when I was getting photos taken of me all dressed up. I really liked my hair I didn't want too much curl but I didn't want my hair straight either and it came out perfect. My makeup was gorgeous it was so natural and exactly what I wanted. It was very helpful for me especially because I didn't know what shoes or jewelry to wear and Fay helped a lot."  



My photoshoot was amazing! My biggest fear about my photo shoot was that i thought my smile would start to fade but I had Jennifer and friends to make me smile and it came out beautiful. Claudia was just simply amazing. Her technique with makeup is so clean and unique. I had the natural look done to me and I absolutely loved it. I would definitely have my makeup done by her again.Getting my hair done was a lot of fun. I had big loose curls which I love. I would totally get my hair done there again.Fay has a way with style. She knows the right look for everyone. I would love to work with Fay again.